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"Modernismo" routes


In Modernist days the Catalan capital was already a major city at the forefront of European culture. Its heritage of Catalan Modernist works is unparalleled elsewhere in both quality and quantity. Modernist buildings belong to an age of economic and urban growth in which a cultivated upper class engaged in sponsorship of the arts and strove to leave the mark of its prosperity on the face of the city.

Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia

From the west of Barcelona to the Vallès region.

This route through the Barcelona area covers only a short distance but is full of interest. Most of the Modernist buildings are located in the density populated comarques of Vallès Occidental and Baix Llobregat where, despite intensive industrialization and somewhat inadequate city planning, pleasant spots and other attractions are still to be found.

Terrasa. Masia Freixa
Terrasa. Masia Freixa

From the Costa del Maresme to the Pyrenees via the Montseny and plana de Vic

This route is only for those with plenty of time who are prepared, despite a special predilection for Modernism, to enjoy all the many attractions the country has to offer. It is a route full of fascinatting things not to be overlooked which takes us, in a relatively short distance, from sundrenched Mediterranean landscapes to misty northern-looking scenery, some of it almost Alpine in appeaeance.

Mataró. Casa Coll Regás
Mataró. Casa Coll Regás.

From Girona to the Costa Brava via the Fluvià valley.

The historic city of Girona, where Modernism is very well represented, is the starting point for this varied itinerary which ranges from the magnificent greens of the region of Olot to the Empordà plain with its rows of cypress trees, and from the sunlit coves of the rugged Costa Brava, to the gentle hilly landscapes of the inland comarca of Selva.

Gerona. Casa Teixidor.
Girona. Casa Teixidor.

From Montserrat to Lleida via the inland valleys and plateaus

This route takes us from Barcelona to the Catalan Central Lowlands and thence to Catalonia. It is a land of good wines, such as those of the Conca de Barberà, and of wheat, notably that produced on the Segarra plains. Small wonder, therefore, that Modernist buildings are often associated with these products: wine cellars and agricultural cooperatives, flour mills and grain stores.

Lérida. Casa Magi Llorenç.
Lérida. Casa Magi Llorenç.

From Penedès to the Ebro region via Camp de Tarragona.

This attractive route from Barcelona, in search of the Modernist art of southern Catalonia, takes us through some of the most Mediterranean scenery in the country, amid olive groves and vineyards.

Sitges. Cau Ferrat
Sitges. Cau Ferrat