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Gothic Routes


Barcelona, one of the great cities of the Mediterranean, became the capital of Catalonia in the Middle Ages thanks to the political supremacy of the Counts of Barcelona over other Catalan counts and especially to its flourishing sea trade. By the 14th C., Barcelona was a major Mediterranean power and remained so throughout the 15th C., despite increasingly acute social and political crises.

Calle Moncada. Palacio Aguilar (Museo Picasso)
Calle Moncada. Palacio Aguilar (Picasso museum).

From Maresme to the Pyrenees via Selva, Vallès and Osona

This is the longest of our suggested tours, taking us from Barcelona and the coastal region of Maresme as far as Cerdanya and Urgellet, in the heart of the Pyrenees. Because it is so long, part of the route consists of optional side trips which, however, are highly recommended.

Vic. Cathedral cloister.
Vic.Cathedral cloister.

From Barcelona to Solsonès up the Llobregat valley and back via the central plateaus of Anoia and Penedès.

This route takes us from Barcelona to the Pyrenean foothills, offering a wide variety of Gothic and other buildings and works of art, as well as a range of attrative scenery.

Sant Cugat del Vallés. Monasterio.
Sant Cugat del Vallés. Monasterio.

From Tarragona to the Ebro valley via the Gaià , Francolí­ and Montsant valleys.

This attractive route runs through the Tarragona region, amid pleasant land- and seascapes, and affords the oportunity to visit a wide selection of Gothic and other historic buildings.

Tarragona. Claustro y cabecera de la catedral.
Tarragona. Cloister and chevet of the cathedral.

From Lleida to the Vall d'Aràn through the Urgell plains, Noguera and the Pallars mountains.

The works of Gothic art on this attactive route are set amid a variety of landscapes, ranging from the broad Lleida plain with its leafy orchards and its non-irrigated areas of almond and oive groves, to the wild mountainous scenery further north.

Lérida. Seu Vella, Puerta de los Apóstoles
Lérida. Seu Vella, Puerta de los Apóstoles.

From Girona to Empordà via the Fluvià valley

The attractions of this quiet and pleasant route are many: the gently rolling countryside where the houses blend into the scenery; the variety of greens, ranging from the lush, brilliant hues of the natural vegetation to the paler shades of the crops; and the ever-present yet distant backcloth of the Pyrenees.

Castelló de Empuries. Basílica de Santa María.
Castelló de Empuries. Basílica de Santa María.